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St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College Clapham, February 2009

"Young people need to know that they can still enjoy themselves and have fun with God included. The balance of prayer and leisure, free time and fun have worked very well. The Gospel message is presented in a way that is none threatening and simple enough for those who have little or no faith to appreciate. The introduction to the Blessed Sacrament and the need to show reverence in sacred places was very effective even for those of other faiths. Myddelton Grange offers a space for people to get in touch with their inner selves and God. The staff make a great effort to make everyone feel welcome, important, loved and accepted." -Gerard Lomax

"It’s an important opportunity to take time out to consider spiritual issues in today’s material world. Myddelton Grange has the location, staff and facilities to enable people to escape from their everyday lives, focus on themselves, their relationships with others and with the spiritual world/God. It was good that the focus is broad enough to encompass a multi-faith aspect." -Peter Bull

To challenge perspective of young people & give them an opportunity to consider their values in life.
To guide their reflection on their lives.
To inspire them to act on their beliefs, to believe they can make a difference.
To discover the value of taking time out, spending time alone in silence with God.
To learn how to affirm one another & encourage each other/bring out the best in each other.

-Melissa Pearce


Harrytown Catholic High School Stockport, February 2009

"A chance for us to get to know young people and heart their thoughts, feelings and ideas. A great place to come and unwind and contemplate in beautiful surroundings." -D. Corbett

"It’s a time of peace and quiet to get to know who you are and your relationship with God. It’s amazing how you can find quiet in the noise around you. this quiet is what Myddelton Grange offers to all. It gave me time to see God and to realise God is with me on my journey." -Helen Wilson


St Mary's Menston Yr 11 January and February 2009

"It’s a very positive experience that probably any young Catholic would enjoy and get something constructive from. Lots of fun and lots to think about." -Mr Sloney

"The effect on the young people cannot be expressed in mere words. It has highlighted their special qualities for me, has brought them closer together and has given them the time (which they rarely have during the school term) to reflect on what is really important in life. For me, it has given time to reflect on my relationship with god, the students and those others in my life who are often ‘pushed to the sidelines’ in the busy world I inhabit. I go back to my teaching refreshed, revitalised and with renewed determination to pursue what is best for those around me not what I think is best for them." -Sue Kirkham

"It is often beneficial for young people to interact with as many different people, from all age groups and walks of life. Here at Myddelton Grange the young people can interact with an amazing priest, who undoubtedly removes any stereotypes of their parish priests, a local guy and a southern guy. There is a lack of females, but that isn’t a problem at all. The atmosphere is always friendly, lively and very prayerful. God is evident always here, even if He isn’t always visible to the young people. I love it here at Myddelton and would definitely bring my young people here over any other retreat centre." -Rachel Webster

"It’s helpful for young people to take time out of their busy academic, social and employed activities and to simply stand and stare. It becomes an opportunity to reflect upon what it is that should matter in life and to compare this with what society things matters."
Mike Pierce

The pupils benefit from being with each other and respond well to the discussions of their lives initiated by the leaders at Myddelton Grange. The prayer services are pertinent to the young people and many are visibly moved by these. Young people, although initially hesitant about the experience, relax, join in the activities and think deeply about their lives, hopes, fears and dreams. -Kath Wilkins

Myddelton Grange Catholic Retreat Centre
Langbar Road, Ilkley, LS29 0EB